Koha, 9 month old male blue heeler / catahoula leopard dog

Koha, 9 month old male blue heeler / catahoula leopard dog

Foster an Animal

Infinity Farms relies on fosters to continue rescuing animals in need.

When you foster an animal, you save two lives: the animal you bring home and the next animal for which room was made within the rescue.

Common Fostering Questions

What does being a foster mean?

Fostering an animal with IF Rescue means you bring a rescue animal in need of a home into your own temporarily while we get the animal ready for their forever home. This means feeding, exercising, socializing, administering medicine, bringing the animal to scheduled vet appointments, basic training, attending adoption events, and loving the animal as if they were your own.

So what do I have to DO as a foster?

Foster parents must be able to bring their foster pet to the vet if needed (in Lindsay, OK), to their spay/neuter appointment if needed (Spencer and OKC locations), to their shot appointments if needed (Norman, OK) and to events once medically up to date (in Norman and OKC, OK). 

You provide your foster animal love, teach them how to be loved, how to be a cat or dog etc., give them a comfy place to sleep, and make sure they get receive their medications if needed and are fed properly.

How do I become a foster?

To become a foster, please fill out a foster application. Please give us 72 hours to process in non-urgent cases. In urgent cases we will reach out to you immediately if you are approved.

Can I choose the animal I want to foster?

Based on your foster application and our communication with you, we will help you find the best animal to foster suited to your home and lifestyle!

What do I have to pay for as a foster?

We cover veterinary expenses and do our absolute best to cover food, crates, and basic care needs for your foster animal. Because we are run on a donation basis, you may need to assist with daily care costs.

How long does it take to foster?

We have had foster parents foster from any range between three days to a year. We cannot guarantee or force people to choose your foster animal to adopt, but statistically the more you show up for events, the more detailed bio you write for your fosters web page and especially the better pictures you take the higher odds are for them to get adopted quicker. We also provide professional photo shoots for you to take advantage of, which will increase your fosters odds of getting adopted quicker.

What if I can no longer care for my IF foster pet?

We need at least a minimum of 1-2 weeks notice to rehome your pet. Before signing up to foster please be aware all IF volunteers are unpaid and therefore work full time jobs elsewhere and are not always available to move animals 24/7. It’s very difficult to remove a dog immediately unless it’s an absolute emergency. When you sign up to foster please be sure you can do so till you see out your foster’s adoption.

Can I still foster if I have a trip planned or can’t make an event or two? 

Absolutely, we have a private chat page between all foster parents where we all support each other and help each other out. We help with dog and cat sitting as well as with transportation! We cannot guarantee your foster will be sat for each time you travel; however, you can have your friend or sitter watch them once they fill out a foster application.

What does temporary fostering mean?

If we make a post saying specifically that a temporary foster is needed it can either mean, we need a foster ASAP to rescue an animal from an urgent situation and once another foster is found the animal will be transferred to its new permanent foster. Or, it can mean the animal has a scheduled adoption or flight out of state and is only needed to be fostered for a specific and short amount of time. Normally temp fosters are not required to attend events, however, that will depend on a case by case basis.

Do I have any say about who my foster pet is adopted to?

Absolutely! No one knows your foster animal better than you do! At this point you’ve gotten to know him or her, written a bio, taken pictures, gotten him or her to all their appointments and events and now adoption applications are coming in for them. Once our team carefully vets and screens each application, we then bring the approved applications to you and you help us decide who you want to meet. You have full say to deny any potential adopter and expect you to weigh in on who your adopter of choice is. The entire group at Infinity Farms wants to see your foster animal thrive in his or her new home as much as you do, we are here to support that in every way!

What if I decide that I don’t want to give my fosters back or pay the fee to adopt him or her?

Then you will need to hire a lawyer, be prepared to pay our court fees and adoption fees if the judge doesn’t ask you to return our animals. We have a strong agreement set in place which is signed by all fosters, a team of lawyers and a savings account for fighting for what is right. This illegal and unethical move would not be advised to anyone.

What does “Foster to Adopt” mean?

When you see an animal on our page that is looking for a foster and NOT an adopter it means this animal needs to get healthy first and/or medically up to date before we can adopt the animal out. Foster to adopt means you can foster the animal while the rescue pays to get it medically up to date. You are responsible for getting the animal to vet appointments, providing food (food is provided from us on a donation basis), a safe and comfortable environment for sleep and play. This is truly a win/win scenario for all parties involved!

The time period for Foster to Adopt is 2 weeks. After the 2-week time period is up and your foster animal is medically up to date, we ask for you to sign our adoption contract, you pay the fee in full and the animal is yours! At 2 weeks if you are unsure or do not want to adopt the animal he or she will be put on the website with a bio and pictures provided by you, and we ask you begin to attend events for maximum exposure to find your foster animal its forever home.

*Deposits for Foster to Adopt* After your two-week trial of foster to adopt, you will need to adopt your foster or he/she will need to start attending events, will be put up on the website and available for adoption to the public. If you are still deciding but want first right to adopt with more time, go on vacation, need more time etc you will be required to make a non-refundable deposit.

Why are deposits required? This is for the animal’s sake. Many times in the past people have chosen to foster to adopt animals in which others were interested in and lost opportunities to find other good homes. Sometimes they have been puppies and once the foster to adopt decided they didn’t want to adopt, the puppy was now larger and now as “desirable” to others. Either way, it is unfair to hold on to adoptable animals while they miss out on other wonderful forever homes. Our board has instated this policy, for which there is no lenience. 

Why can’t I just adopt the animal looking to be fostered instead?

It is every legitimate animal rescue’s responsibility to ensure every animal within its program is sterilized and medically up to date. At IF, we spend countless hours picking up after people’s irresponsible messes of unwanted animals within the community. Please do not take it personally when we MUST take care of all medical ourselves before adopting out. 

Did you know on average it costs around $400 to fully vet your animal yourself when you buy from breeders or pick up animals for free? As a 501c3 nonprofit we are awarded special discounts for vet care, so our discount is your discount which is reflected in your adoption fee. In addition, we have a contract with our local shelters that we must handle all sterilization ourselves and provide proof the animal was sterilized under our care. Under no circumstances will we risk any of the above chances to adopt out an animal that has not been provided all the right medical care. Please consider foster to adopting If you want to adopt out an animal looking for foster only.

What if the animal I adopted from IF Rescue passes away or gets sick?

If this happens within 24 hours of adoption you will be reimbursed for an animal that passes away if you can prove it was not negligence on your end (it has never happened and hope it never does). If the animal gets sick within 3 days of adoption please contact us and we will help provide vet care, as long as you can prove this is not due to negligence on your end. After 3 days we will consider each case on a case by case basis. After a year post adoption we will not be helping with any medical or animal replacement whatsoever. Please email animalrescue@infinityfarmsok.org if any of the above ever happens.

What if I am fostering and I decide I want to keep my foster?

Foster families have first right to adopt their foster! Please be aware fees are not waived or discounted for fosters. As a 501c3 nonprofit animal rescue, we lose money every month trying to help animals and save lives. We cannot afford to give discounts whatsoever, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to continue to save lives.

What if my foster destroys my house or hurts my personal animals?

As signed in your foster contract, IF is not responsible for any destruction made by your foster to your home or other animals etc. Please read your welcome packet we send out as we go over proper introductions among many other questions not listed here. Under special circumstances the rescue may provide a special crate, medication and the right tools necessary to help highly destructive animals. For the rare problematic animal we may receive in to our program, we provide training and all the necessary tools to get your foster on the right track!