About Infinity Farms

Our Founders, Brandon and Brittany Stephens

Our Founders, Brandon and Brittany Stephens

Infinity Farms Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing needy animals with shelter, food, and companionship. We help animals all around the state of Oklahoma who are in urgent need. We take them under our wing, rehabilitate them, nurture them socialize them, and adopt them out to approved, wonderful, forever homes.

Infinity Farms was founded by Brittany and her husband, Brandon, in 2016 as a way to save farm animals on death row, many of whom are now full-time residents of the sanctuary located in the outskirts of Norman, OK. Brittany founded and oversees Infinity Farms Animal Sanctuary and Rescue and makes executive decisions. Brittany and Brandon, are responsible for funding the rescue when donations don't match the hefty medical bills, thus keeping the rescue running and afloat. Today, Brittany spends her time at the farm sanctuary tending to the sanctuary residents ensuring their care. Due to the wonderful volunteers that work tirelessly, Brittany is now able to take a giant leap back and watch Infinity Farms flourish in confidence with her team. From this point forward, please direct any questions, concerns, etc to an Infinity Farms team member.

The rescue side of the organization has since expanded to be foster-based saving cats and dogs (and the occasional exotic animal) who are in especially urgent situations. These animals are placed in temporary, carefully selected foster homes while we provide medical care and find them their forever homes. We spend nearly $15,000 on medical every month. Yes, every single month! All of our donations go toward our animals being medically up to date, spayed or neutered, microchipped, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, heartworm testing, injured animals, parvo pups, moms and babies, and SO much more.

At Infinity Farms, we firmly believe that this rescue belongs to our community, because we truly cannot operate without the help of others. When our community joins hand to help animals and our cause, we are able to save their lives and change it in so many ways... for infinity.

-The Infinity Farms Team