Meet Our Team







Founder & Owner

Brittany founded and oversees Infinity Farms Animal Sanctuary and Rescue and makes executive decisions. Brittany and her husband, Brandon, are responsible for funding the rescue when donations don't match the hefty medical bills, thus keeping the rescue running and afloat. Today, Brittany spends her time at the farm sanctuary tending to the sanctuary residents ensuring their care. Due to the wonderful volunteers that work tirelessly, Brittany is now able to take a giant leap back and watch Infinity Farms flourish in confidence with her team. From this point forward, please direct any questions, concerns, etc to Brianna Greathouse, Kaylin Hall or Sydney Lee.

Brianna Greathouse

Foster Coordinator & Adoption Specialist

Brianna is the point person for approving both foster and adoption applications and handles all medical set up for the animals in our program. She also initiates and completes all Dog and Cat adoptions, foster transfers, and anything else your foster animal may need medically.

Kaylin Hall

Event + Sponsorship Director & Foster Liason

Kaylin is on call 24/7 for our any of your foster pup or kitty needs. She coordinates all of our adoption and fundraising events, as well as works closely with any sponsorship requests that are sent our way. Kaylin also updates our website so any updated pictures and bios are to be sent to her.’

Sydney Lee

Social Media Marketing & Brand Communications Director

Sydney handles all things social media marketing and networking to promote our brand and rescue appropriately and cohesively. She is involved in social media communication, as well as website designing and re-branding.