Foster an Animal

Infinity Farms relies on fosters to continue rescuing animals in need.

When you foster an animal, you save two lives: the animal you bring home and the next animal for which room was made within the rescue.

Common Fostering Questions

What does being a foster mean?

Fostering an animal with IF Rescue means you bring a rescue in need of a home into your own home temporarily while we get the animal ready for their forever home. This means feeding, exercising, socializing, administering medicine, bringing the animal to scheduled vet appointments, basic training, attending adoption events, and loving the animal as if they were your own.

How do I become a foster?

To become a foster, please fill out a foster application.

Can I choose the animal I want to foster?

Based on your foster application and our communication with you, we will help you find the best animal to foster suited to your home and lifestyle!

What do I have to pay for as a foster?

We cover veterinary expenses and do our absolute best to cover food, crates, and basic care needs for your foster animal. Because we are run on a donation basis, you may need to assist with daily care costs.